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Cold War Radar


The control sites on the Mid-Canada Line were stationed about every 30 miles which was best for communications.  Each Section Control Station had the authority of 12-15 Doppler Detection Sites.  There were Section Control Stations which had authority of between 12-15 Doppler Detection Sites. 

The staffed stations housed about 150 personnel, 11 of which were military and were all pretty isolated.

Station Profile: RCAF Bird

RCAF Bird in norther Manitoba was the furthest north on the Mid-Canada Line.  It became operational April 27, 1957.

The Doppler Detection Sites located in its area, like the others, were automatic.  Any information from these sites was sent to the main building of control centre where a person would then look it over.

Each piece of equipment located at RCAF Bird had a spare and when people did need to work on this equipment at the Doppler Sites, there were facilities for them to do so.