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Cold War Radar

Life at Clinton

Life at Clinton was a vibrant one.  There were many facilities and programs to make life more interesting.

Activities available at Clinton included a band, an amateur radio club which met every month, model aircraft and railroad clubs, a hobby station, dances, glee club, competitions between messes (including ping pong, chess, darts, bridge and cribbage), and clubs by rank (including Officers, Sergeants, other ranks, Corporals, staff, and students).

Sports and recreation were also a vital part of Clinton.  Some of the options available included volleyball, basketball, hockey, badminton, boxing, swimming, baseball, track and field, rugby, curling, broomball, Judo, and women's sports.

Since families were a part of Clinton, there were features which were aimed at them as well.  Some of these included cubs and scouts, air cadets, summer camp, a dentist, Protestant and Catholic chapels and Sunday school, and laundry.

Christmas was an interesting and exciting time at Clinton as the students were served a dinner by the officers and many were invited to the houses of the people who lived in the town. There was also activities for children, including a party with Santa Claus.