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Cold War Radar

Canadian Planes

F-86 Sabre

1955 photograph of a Sabre

Canada supplied NATO with an air control centre, run out of No.1 Air Division, and a long-range search radar.  Throughout the Cold War, they also supplied and used a variety of aircraft (which drew on radar). 

Their involvement began with Vampire Jet Fighters, but then the CF-85 Sabres were introduced.  CF-100 Canuck all weather aircrafts were then added in 1956 as the Cold War continued.  Both Sabres and Canucks were used to test radar and keep it up to date.

Canada's NATO role moved to one of nuclear attack, not simply reconnaissance, when they took on the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter.  The Starfighter was actually called “the missile with a man in it”.

The Starfighters used the NASARR radar system which was a key part of the plane.  It had both air-to-air mode for searching and tracking, and air-to-ground mode for bombing, navigation, and weather.

Then in 1982, the Starfighters were replaced with the McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet.