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Clinton Plate 2.jpg
A photograph of a plate showcasing CFB Clinton


Clinton Plate 1.jpg
A photograph of a plate from RCAF Clinton


Women's baseball.jpg
A photograph of women's baseball at RCAF Clinton. Pictured are:

From left to right: LAW "Nancy" Hagerman (Dental), AW Betty Glassford (FCO), AW Juanita Sharrad (RO), and AW Pat Budgle (TO)

Training 3.jpg
AC1 Kilmer and AC1 Johnstone work on circuitry tracing at CFB Clinton

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Training 2.jpg
A photograph of AW1 Coleman being trained in plotting

Training 1.jpg
A photograph of two students looking at the oscilloscope of a radar set

A photograph of Clinton Airforce 1st Scout Troop. Pictured are:

Front row, left to right: John McLennan, David Harris, D. Campbell, C. Campbell, C. Deline, and W. Poulin

Middle row, left to right: T. Preston, R. Meehan, Patrol Second P.…


An action shot from a hockey game at Clinton. Pictured are:

Front Left to right: Jack Glegg, WO2 "Bill" Wilson, WO1 "Jim" McKenna

Background left to right: F/S "Duffy Doyle, F/S "Al" Starcher

History of the FtrCOp.jpg
A cartoon showing the process of becoming a Fighter Control Operator, or a FtrCOp

High jump.jpg
An action high jump shot during track and field at RCAF Clinton
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