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Clinton Plate 2.jpg
A photograph of a plate showcasing CFB Clinton


Clinton Plate 1.jpg
A photograph of a plate from RCAF Clinton


Women's baseball.jpg
A photograph of women's baseball at RCAF Clinton. Pictured are:

From left to right: LAW "Nancy" Hagerman (Dental), AW Betty Glassford (FCO), AW Juanita Sharrad (RO), and AW Pat Budgle (TO)

A photograph of Clinton Airforce 1st Scout Troop. Pictured are:

Front row, left to right: John McLennan, David Harris, D. Campbell, C. Campbell, C. Deline, and W. Poulin

Middle row, left to right: T. Preston, R. Meehan, Patrol Second P.…


An action shot from a hockey game at Clinton. Pictured are:

Front Left to right: Jack Glegg, WO2 "Bill" Wilson, WO1 "Jim" McKenna

Background left to right: F/S "Duffy Doyle, F/S "Al" Starcher

High jump.jpg
An action high jump shot during track and field at RCAF Clinton

FtrCOp course.jpg
A group of Fighter Control Operators in a photograph of FCO 300 at RCAF Clinton

Photograph of students working with radar during an exam

A photograph showing the dentist at Clinton


An action shot of a basketball game at RCAF Clinton
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