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A photograph of a boxing match at RCAF Clinton between AC Bourget (Clinton) and AC Cormier (Centralia)

A photograph of the RCAF Clinton band practising

Photograph of women's badminton at RCAF Clinton

Apllied electronics.jpg
A photograph of men in the Applied Electronics Branch

Instruction 1.jpg
A photograph of a man teaching others about a radar set

Clinton parade.jpg
Photograph of some RCAF Clinton men in a 1957 parade


Dedication of antenna, 1967.jpg
A photograph of the dedication of an antenna to the town of Clinton in 1967

Radio men.jpg
Photograph of men at RCAF Clinton adjusting dials

Clinton men.jpg
A photograph of men at RCAF Clinton adjusting controls

UHF, 1957.jpg
A photograph of the Ultra-High Frequency course at RCAF Clinton from 1957
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