The following is a list of abbreviations used throughout this exhibit:

ABM: Anti-Ballistic Missile

AC&W: Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron

ADCOM: Aerospace Defense Command

ACQR: Acquisition Radar

ADI: Air Defense Initiative

AEW&C: Airborne Early Warning and Control

AFB: Air Force Base

ALCM: Air-Launched Cruise Missile

AMIS: The Aircraft Movement Information Section of the Department of Transportation (DOT)

AN/CPS: Army-Navy, Transportable Radar

AN/FPS: Army-Navy Fixed Radar, Detection/Range and Bearing

AN/TPS: Army-Navy, Tactical Transportable Radar

ARC: Area of Radar Coverage

ARVN: Army of the Republic of Vietnam

AWACS: Airborne Warning and Control System

ASW: Anti-Submarine Warfare

BMEWS: Ballistic Missile Early Warning System

BND: Bundesnachrichtendienst, West German Intelligence

CFB: Canadian Forces Base

CFHQ: Canadian Forces Headquarters

CINCNORAD: Commander in Chief, NORAD

COMECON: Council for Mutual Economic Assistance

CONAC: Continental Air Command

CONAD: Continental Air Defense Command

CONUS: Continental United States

DEW Line: Distant Early Warning Line

DCINCNORAD: Deputy Commander in Chief, NORAD

DOT: Department of Transportation

DRB: Defence Research Board of Canada

DREO: Defence Research Establishment Ottawa

ECCM: Electronic Counter-Countermeasures

ECM: Electronic Countermeasures

ELINT: Electronic Intelligence

EWU: Electronic Warfare Unit

FFS: Full Flight Simulator

FtrCOp: Fighter Control Operator

GCA: Ground Controlled Approach Unit

GCI: Ground Control Interception

G-I-UK: Greenland-Iceland-United Kingdom Line

GobC: Ground Observer Corps

HIPAR: High Power Acquisition Radar

ICBM: Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

IFF: Identification Friend or Foe

JCS: Joint Chiefs of Staff

JSS: Joint Surveillance System

JUSCADS: Joint US-Canada Air Defence Study

LOPAR: Low-Power Acquisition Radar

MCL: Mid-Canada Line

MOT: Ministry of Transportation

MTR: Missile-Tracking Radar

NAADM: North American Air Defence Modernization Agreement

NADGE: NATO Air Defence Ground Environment

NASARR: North American Search and Ranging Radar

NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NIMWACS: Nimrod, Airborne-Early Warning

NLF: National Liberation Front

NORAD: North American Air Defense Command/ North American Aerospace Defense Command (post-1981)

NRC: National Research Council

NSC 68: National Security Paper Number 68

NWS: North Warning System

OTH: Over-the-Horizon radar

PARCS: Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization

PPI: Plan Position Indicator

R&CS: Radar and Communications School

RADAR: Radio Detection and Ranging

RAF: Royal Air Force

RAPCON: Radar Approach Control

RCAF: Royal Canadian Air Force

RDF: Radio Direction Finding

REP: Radar Extension Program

RIP: Radar Improvement Program

ROCC: Region Control Centre

SALT: The Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty

SAM: Surface-to-Air Missile

SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative, or “Star Wars”

SLBM: Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles

SOSUS: Sound Surveillance System

SPADATS: Space Detection and Tracking System

TT: Texas Tower

TTR: Target-Tracking Radar

UHF: Ultra High Frequency

UKADGE: United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment

UN: United Nations

USAF: United States Air Force

USSPACECOM: United States Space Command

USSR: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

VHF: Very High Frequency